114 km

The Staande Mast Route (Fixed Mast Route) is a safe through-route for sailing and motor boats with an overall height of over six metres. The part of the route in West Netherlands runs from node number Den Helder until node number Haarlemmermeerpolder-Kagerplassen.

This safe and fast route also passes through and along the municipality of Kaag en Braassem. A convenient route when your ship or its crew is not seaworthy (enough) for a route across the sea.

Particularly the route West Netherlands is a route where many bridges, locks, ships trains and road traffic meet each other a lot. There are two possible routes, a route right through Amsterdam (night passage) where you’ll get on the river IJ, or the more western route alongside Haarlem which will lead you more to the West on the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal),

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