Veenderpolder and Lijkerpolder: The Gherkin monster

Veenderpolder and Lijkerpolder: The Gherkin monster


Veenderpolder and Lijkerpolder: The Gherkin monster

Do you know the story of the Gherkin monster, the great terror of the Veen?

A big, creepy monster, with one eye, one and a half leg and it’s green

Claws as big as breams and scaly skin as sharp as a knife

A round, rough and ugly head, with six sharp black spines

Its mouth opened wide, with eight teeth in the upper jaw and below ten

Believe me, it’s not a joke, it really exits’, even if you have never seen it

The Gherkin monster swims in polder ditches, slurping water, duckweed and peat

Gurgles, squeals and growls with its one eye, spying around in the reed

Searching for juicy tasty gherkins, ready to harvest or recently sowed

It jumps onto the water front, gorging and gorging until everything is snitched

And for dessert, my dearest child, it loves delicious children’s legs more than anything

I can give you names of seven children, who disappeared under water

So be warned, do play outside, but stay away from the polder ditch

The Gherkin monster appears unexpectedly, you’ll certainly be snitched

This story is part of the Tulip Route. A sailing trip full of stories of the flourishing polder. 
The Tulip Route is free of charge.  You can find a map of this route on our website, or at one of our Tourist Transfer Points (TOP) nearby local restaurants and pubs or marinas.

The Tulip Route in Roelofarendsveen is made possible by local entrepreneurs. This story is offered by: Castelijn



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